We're All Monsters Living In A Dream.
I'm from a town where everyone knows everyone.
In a state everyone has seen, but no one has looked at.
In a country falsely portrayed.
On a planet no one takes care of.
In a universe barely explored.
But I turned out alright.

I don't always tag. Get over it.

I can’t remember how many times I lost my voice cheering for this man. Or how many times he made me feel like crying at games. All the games in the heat and the rain, all the homework put off, all the times we sat in the parking lot of Qualcomm, and all the joy and heartache we all felt as fans were worth it to see this man play in person. I remember going to my first playoff game and watching him put his all out on the field. I was with my dad and it was pouring rain; I was so sick the next day, but it was worth it.  I’ll never, ever forget that game. A person feels an attachment towards their team and their players. A teams accomplishments are the fans as well. We had 9 seasons with an incredible man. There were ups, downs, and games and seasons we’d rather forget; but no matter what, every Charger fan in that stadium shared a camaraderie when cheering for LT.

I was 13 when I really started getting into football and saw LT play; I’ll be his fan for the rest of my life.

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